Get Inspired! The Psychology of Creativity

The psychology of creativity - If all of us are creative, why isn’t it so easy for everybody to be creative?

The reason could be that so little attention is paid to the psychological research on creativity.

If we all could exploit what scientists already know about creativity, we can drive ourselves to new heights of achievement.

Creativity isn’t just for artists, we all need it—at home, in our relationships and, for many of us, at work. By one measure around 30% of workers in the US are members of the creative classes. Along with designers, writers and artists this includes professions like lawyers, business people and healthcare professionals; in fact it includes anyone who has to use an existing body of knowledge to reach creative solutions.

Great writers, thinkers, innovators begin in complete silence. Creative people in all walks of life seek silence as their laboratory to make a new world. The next steps in life, art, business, science call for realizing our golden potential. In silence, our world opens to this goldenness, what is life giving and true. A silent retreat is free time where simple being and inner stillness conspire to light up our minds with the light of our soul.

The best of our creativity emerges out of the valleys and mountaintops of the silence inside of us. Artists, couples, small teams of innovators in all fields routinely go into and listen to the voice that is clearly heard in silence. We retreat from the busy world that pushes and pulls our attention elsewhere. In silence we can concentrate on being open for the unexpected. Silence helps form the questions so the answers can come. Silence clears the plate so the creative process is front and center, here and now.

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