Art supplies at the ready! Coloring in might be something you remember fondly about your childhood but did you know that adults across the globe are turning to this inexpensive activity to help them cope with the many stresses of adult life.

Coloring in is becoming a popular trend among many adults & it growing day by day. Various physicians have been prescribing coloring in to patients for 100’s of years. Four out of the ten bestselling books on Amazon are coloring in books.

But I am here to discuss the health benefits of coloring in. Coloring in is a form of meditation but one refers to it as active meditation. You focus your attention on a simple task that requires repetitive motion, by concentrating this way you ultimately block out any intrusive thoughts as well as negative energy. Many people have a difficult time with concentration meditation & coloring in is the perfect solution for them.

Studies have shown that people who partake in creative activities outside of work not only deal with stress better but their performance at work improves too. Have you heard the phrase: “Stress Is A Silent Killer”? Well for many adults stress has a detrimental effect on their health. Your body and mind take a serious bashing when you are dealing with stress overload.




1. Promoting Coordination – Today, few adults enjoy hobbies that encourage eye-hand coordination. We use technology to do most of the work we once did by hand, we use machines for needlework & we type or email letters. As children, we work very hard to develop our motor skills, so it is a shame to let them go after we become adults. Because fine motor skills require extra work by your brain to coordinate your actions, and muscle control in your hands and arms, coloring in can help delay loss of these important skills as we age. It may also help fight cognitive loss, especially if we choose challenging pieces every so often.

2. Creative Outlet – Everyone possesses creative skills, even artists have to practice & develop their skills. But sometimes our imaginations are stifled by social expectations, media & daily routines. The more educated we are, the more often we will prefer to look at things the way we have been conditioned to, rather than allowing our minds to wander over creative possibilities, being creative is taking something ordinary & turning it into something extraordinary. As we grow and learn we feed our brains millions of facts, and in turn, our brains become stodgy and boring. They begin to think analytically instead of creatively. We are in turn left wondering why we are unable to see the world in a more creative light. When we use coloring in books as a form of therapy, we are also unlocking our imaginations & reinstalling our childlike innocence. We are able to open our minds to the possibility of finding beauty & uniqueness in almost anything & how wonderful to be able to see the world the way most children do – a magical place that our imaginations can soar to the highest point of creativity.


3. Relax & De-Stress – Because coloring in (or any other type of art) requires attention to detail, it helps you to “zone out” and forget other things going on in your life. This can help you relax. And when you relax, amazing things happen! Relaxing helps lower your blood pressure. It can also lessen anxiety, reduce tension headaches and relieve digestive upsets. Sometimes, while you are concentrating on coloring in, you may find that the solution to a problem occurs to you without warning.

4. Boost your Self Esteem & Sense of Accomplishment – Just as we hang up children’s artwork on the fridge in celebration of their accomplishment, we all can receive the same boost to our self-esteem by producing beautiful artwork. Coloring in is the perfect way to feel like an artist, even if you don’t possess many artistic abilities. You don’t have to go so far as to hanging up your most recent coloring in project; just reviewing your completed work over time provides the same gratification.

5. Inexpensive FUN! – In today’s day and age, it seems like everything is expensive. Taking a yoga class to help you relax a few times a week can easily run you over a hundred dollars a month. These relaxing expenses tend to cause many people stress in the financial and time commitment columns. Coloring in is a very inexpensive hobby that you can do anywhere & anytime but let’s admit it: “Coloring in is also heaps of fun”!

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