A List Of Secret Tools for Coloring Success

A List Secret Coloring Tools for coloring page success

The secret to successful coloring can be knowing what tools to have in your armour when you want to fix mistakes on your coloring page or when you want to try some advanced coloring techniques. This article highlights a few useful tools that will help you get better coloring results!


As well as being useful to fix up coloring mistakes erasers, or rubbers as they are called in some parts of the world, can also be used to apply highlights to your coloring page.

Standard pencil erasers

These are effective at removing color intensity, you can make a dark color much lighter but you will not remove all of the color from the page.


Depending on the pencils and color you are using you will find a standard pencil eraser can lighten the color by 50-80% of its original intensity.

Push Pencil Erasers

Standard erasers are also sold in a push pencil form.  Pencil style erasers offer more precision than a standard block eraser and are good if you prefer the control you get from holding a pencil.


Combine these erasers with a ruler to apply streaks of highlights to a page (EG. like sun breaking through clouds).

Electric Erasers

These battery powered erasers are great for removing the color from tight spaces in a design.


Like standard pencil erasers you will never remove the color back to a white page but you can certainly reduce the intensity of a color enough to re-color.  Electric erasers sound like an expensive luxury, but they can actually be picked up quite cheaply on sites like Amazon.

Putty erasers

Putty erasers or putty rubbers are typically used by professional artists and look and feel similar to blu-tac or modelling clay.  Since a putty eraser is tacky you can either dab at your coloring page to remove color or use a standard rubbing technique.  These erasers can be moulded so you can even form them into as small a shape as is needed to work on a tight design.


They are also great because, since they are slightly tacky, they do not leave any of those annoying flakes that a standard eraser does!

Q-tips/Cotton-buds and makeup pads.

One way to apply a quick blended background to a coloring page is to use soft pastels which are similar to chalk.


Makeup pads are perfect for applying pastel dust (created by scraping your pastel with an exacto knife) to large areas of a coloring page, giving a smooth color finish. Q-tips can be used to apply your pastel to smaller areas of the design and can also be used with a little baby oil to give a smooth blended look to colored pencil shading.


Workable fixative allows you to seal a page that has had color applied but also continue to work over the page.  It can be used to fix a pastel background on a design before applying color to the main design.

For printable coloring pages, if you find you sometimes suffer from the inked line work smudging or bleeding into your colors then you can spray the coloring page with workable fixative before you start your coloring.


If you struggle to find workable fixative, ask your craft store for a matt finish fixative that will allow pencil to be applied on top.  Spray fixative has a strong, toxic odor and should always be applied outdoors.




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