Searching for the Perfect Coloring Page

Have you ever sat down and wondered what makes your perfect coloring page?  I found myself doing this as I was flicking through some of the pages from this month.

I managed to come up with five things that are important to me when I choose a new coloring page.  Take a look at what sparks my interest when choosing a page to color and let us know what you look for when choosing your next coloring page.


If the theme is not engaging… I will tend to end up with some sub-par coloring

The theme of the coloring page is key for me.  I absolutely need to be interested in the subject of the page to put the effort into coloring the design.  If the theme is not engaging to me it is unlikely I will color the page, or even if I do, I will tend to end up with some sub-par coloring.


Mythical creatures and legends have always appealed to me so this Unicorn coloring page from coloring book XXII it is definitely the kind of page that would have me reaching for my coloring pens!


I love a design that offers both intricate details and areas of space where I can practice color blends or block coloring.


This owl coloring page has a nice blend of details on the bird with nice big spaces in the background foliage.


It is great to have a design that makes me smile as I color the page, humor in the design can make me crack open the coloring materials even if the theme is not one I would normally choose.


I like it when a design doesn’t just lay out every area and space that needs coloring but actually prompts you to create your own touches and leaves space for you to add your own creativity.



I’ll often choose a design with pattern when I really just want to switch off my mind.  Too much of a repetitive pattern is a turn-off for me, so I tend to look for designs that offer a balance between a main focal character or design and then subtle patterns that complement the picture.


This bunny rabbit coloring picture from coloring book XXVII is a brilliant example, there are repetitions in the seashells and leaf patterns which are all brought together to make the rabbit pop from the page.



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Carol Momberg

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