Step by step coloring

Should we pen this rabbit in?

The first decision for me is pen or pencil? Since the page is made up of natural elements like leaves and grasses I felt the softer finish of colored pencils would lend itself better to the page.


Who knows, I may revisit this design and see what the page looks like finished with coloring pen.  

Choosing colors.

I chose a triadic color scheme made of hues you find in nature; orange, green and purple.

I begin by adding some purple to the page, softly coloring using tiny circular motions.


Since purple is the strongest color in the pallette I have chosen, I try and make sure it is used to emphasise the outline of the rabbit.


Purple on the leaves that drape down the back of the rabbit will draw the eye, I use is sparingly, but enough that the shape of the back is obvious.


With the majority of the purple blocked in, it is time to add some harvest sunshine, or orange as I call it!

Bright eyes

The golden orange is a natural color that fits well with wild rabbits and hares.


It also fits nicely with the leaf patterns that make up the picture.  I like the way the orange contrasts with the purple on the body, so it is time to add a splash more color to the face.


You can see I have added a touch of green and rather than block the eye I have used some subtle shading to lift the eyelid from the page.  

Here is what the rabbit looks like when I finished with the green pencil.  Our bunny is beginning to look quite dapper don’t you think?



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Carol Momberg

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